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The first thing I ALWAYS talk to my clients about is “how much water are you drinking?” No joke it’s within 5 minutes of our first meeting. Usual responses:

“Well when I’m thirsty I’ll have a glass”

“Does soda count?”

“Juice? I need flavor”

It goes on. I’ve heard it all.

I cannot stress the importance of how important being hydrated is. If you do this ONE SIMPLE TASK (of staying hydrated with good quality H2O) EVERYDAY-you will see results!

You will sleep better. You won’t over eat as much. You will feel clear of mind. You will have more energy. Your joints won’t hurt as much. You’ll probably lose some weight without even changing your eating habits and not working out. You will just flat-out FEEL GOOD.

So, how much water should you be drinking?


Maybe more if you are sweating a ton. As the old saying goes: “If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.”

There are some add ons to this simple change you can make in your life today that can yield you results:

No empty calories.

That means: no juices, no sodas (no sparkling stuff either).  Stay away from “sugar-free anything, because you may as well see “chemical shit storm” on the label. Your body hates that stuff.

Also, black coffee is ok! Be careful with creamer (dairy to be specific). Your body does not handle caffeine and dairy too well causing an insulin spike from hell and therefore causing you to be very hungry for starchy food a couple of hours later. If you MUST have creamer: find some solace in almond or coconut milk creamer. It’s actually quite tasty!

To make this water consumption easy-you don’t have to be that person that carries a gallon jug with you all throughout the day. I mean you can if you want. For myself I like to keep a 20 oz bottle with me at all times. I aim for at least 60 oz’s of water per day, so in reality I just need to drink 3 of those, and it’s mentally super easy to get that done. If you absolutely must have flavor: fear not! Try adding fresh lemon (aids in digestion when you do this as well, and is overall very good for you). Also, the night before: you can add in some of your favorites fruits so soak in your water overnight, then strain them out in the morning, and pack the fruit for snacks throughout the day. Your water will taste delicious without all the extra calories and the negative effects of soda.

Your body loves water. I can’t stress that enough. Especially if you are working out. You will sweat more (which is a GREAT thing), aids in overall detox, your skin will look incredible, and your performance in the gym will increase and that means better results for you.

Little things..over time=results. Cut out the empty calories. Drink the water. And just see what happens. 🙂

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