fail to plan...plan to fail

Yeah, I know-not the most positive title for a blog post. But I promise this is actually something to simply help you out in the gym.

When you go to the gym: do you plan your workout? Or do you blindly walk about seeing what looks like something you could do, while looking absolutely clueless?

I was part of the second question for many years, so if that’s you-you are not alone!

I want to tell you how to get over this, because this is very important. This is also going to stress why personal trainers are very important.

You need to get over yourself. If you walk in and you don’t know how to use a machine…ASK SOMEONE. Ask a staff member or a personal trainer you may see around you. You will be shocked at how willing they are to show you because you know; that is their job and everything. What could help you even more is when you first sign up for that gym and they give you that initial tour (they allllllll do), slow them down and ask them about EVERY SINGLE MACHINE and how to do it, how to work it, how to load it with weight, what muscles they work, etc.


Come up with some sort of plan. Of course if you hired a trainer, this is part of their job so you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

You will need to come up with some sort of split workout to do throughout the week where you can hit each muscle group every week you are in the gym. You cannot do total body every day. You need to give your muscles time to recover and grow-because that is the time they get stronger for your next workout.

Examples can look like this: Monday: Chest and Back, Tuesday: Legs, Wednesday: Shoulders and Arms: Thursday: Cardio, Friday: REST, Saturday: Light Total Body with core, Sunday: Rest or Cardio. Like I said that is an EXAMPLE. Everyone’s schedule will be different according to your goals that either you can figure out on your own, or again just hire someone to do it for you and just show up.

NEXT STEP. You thought I was done? No.


For example: If you are doing legs-write down which machines or dumbbell movements you will be doing followed by the number of sets and reps. Then when you are doing the workout in the gym, WRITE DOWN the weight you are using so when you do the same workout in the future or using the same machine…you can make sure you increase your weight so you CAN PROGRESS in your fitness journey. Again-this only applies if you are going about this on your own. You will have to basically keep a journal.

This is how you can be successful when it comes to working out at a gym or in your home gym if that is your choice. You gotta write it down. How can you know what you did if you didn’t write it down so you can push yourself further next time you do it?

Write it all down. Plan. Execute. 

Or hire a trainer and forget everything I just wrote.

Same thing applies to food…but that is a whole different post for a different day.

Any questions, comments, feel free to post or go to the “contact me” tab and send me your message.

In Health-Demi

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