Letter to the "Resolution" Gym Crowd

(I do not usually blog twice in one day. But I saw the above post/pic that someone posted and it  was borderline rage inducing to me and I needed to say something)

Dear New People at the gym:

As we near February, it is statistically proven that you may be questioning your intentions about going to the gym as part of your New Years resolution. I want to talk to you directly, if I can; and tell you to NOT GIVE UP.

I know you are the victim of many online memes or careless judgmental remarks (like the one I posted here, seriously screw that person) about the “NYE Resolution” crowd at the gym. How “you will never last” or  “can’t wait for this fickle crowd to die out!”  I know it sucks to read them. On behalf of all of them…we are very sorry.

That is not my wish for you. My wish for you is to endure and persist. I want you to stay and to be the anti-statistic so you can see how strong you really are. Prove them wrong, but do it for yourself. I promise-you are very strong. Male, female…it doesn’t matter. If a NYE resolution is what brought you to the gym, I want you to stay.

No matter what your starting point was/is…there IS an inner athlete in you. Your body CRAVES to be healthy and strong. That feeling is addicting and I want you to feel that way. I want you to enjoy being sore! I want you to know what it feels like to be properly hydrated. I want you to sleep good knowing you gave it your all today and every day.

I want you to walk into the gym like a boss-and handle yourself with authority and dignity. Hold your head up high-and fight the good fight.

There are people who NEVER make the commitment that you are making. The fact that you are in a gym means that you are doing more than 80% of the population (that is fact). Take that in and embrace that. The hardest part is just showing up. So if you show up whether it’s for 10 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour; you are still doing more than most of your friends, co-workers, and your neighbors.

Stay persistent and consistent, my friend. You will get the results you want if you don’t give up. Don’t you dare succumb to the statistic and fade out. Push through-make this so important as if your life depends on it. Because it does!

I’m always here if you need a boost, a helping hand, or a word of motivation and encouragement. I just want you to see yourself the way I see you: Strong. Athletic. Powerful. Warrior. You have all of those qualities and then some.

Game face; ON.


In Health-Demi

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