*REAL reviews straight from Google

“Demi is incredible! She was able to get me on track and start my fitness journey in prep for my wedding. She is so encouraging and positive and helps you enjoy getting fit and eating right. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Hailey L.

“I am going on month six with Demi, I have lost over 20lbs and countless inches. Getting up at 5am to workout is beyond tough but Demi makes me want to get up bc she is so amazing to work with and the main reason I enjoy working out! She is so motivating and genuinely cares @ my success. She has a longtime client and friend in me. I can’t thank her enough.”

Christine W.

“Demi is the best! Supportive, motivating, and very knowledgeable. She taught me a lot and has pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could. Highly recommend!”

Kayla O.

“Demi encourages you to see yourself in a new light. She is extremely supportive and guides you in pushing yourself during your workouts. She listens and builds routines to fit you! I am
so thankful to have Demi as my trainer!!”

Caley J.

“Demi is the best trainer I’ve had thus far. She is very professional and passionate about what she does. She is also informative and makes sure she provides you with form feedback and nutrition advise. Not to mention, she’s prior military (once a marine always a marine) which makes her extra bad a**. Book her and I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

-Raven S.

“Training with Demi was one of the best and most physically challenging experiences in my life! All training sessions are tailored to your fitness level & fitness goals in mind. Demi’s persistent and passionate motivation will help you push you through both your physical and mental limits. The workouts are truly a grind, but they are fun. She even developed several workout routines for me when I was on the road where I wouldn’t have access to gym equipment. Believe me, even it was all body weight calisthenics, it still felt like Demi was there training me. She expects nothing less than 100% effort from you, but in turn Demi gives back 110% if not more. Her genuine passion for fitness and helping others reach their goals, whatever they may be, is what makes Demi one of the best trainers I’ve ever met.”

Rodolfo C.

“Worked with Demi for years! She’s great at motivating me and keeping me on track. She answers all of my questions and really does care about the people she works with. Highly recommend.”

Spencer B.

“Demi is an amazing trainer. She is motivating, positive, and extremely knowledgeable. She pushes hard but makes working out fun. She lives what she teaches.”

Tommye P.

“Demi is a great trainer! She listens and works well with postpartum bodies. She is great with fitness and nutrition.”

Brooke F.

“Absolutely the best trainer I have worked with”

George G.

From the first minute I met with Demi, her workouts have been high-level in every aspect. Challenging me from the start, she is able to adjust a workout, without hesitation, to suit my capabilities & fitness goals. Available for follow-up questions, Demi would even offer exercises I could do when traveling to keep the momentum going. I highly recommend working with Demi and DM Fitness!

Jennie F.