Corporate Discounts and other incentives/offers-plus a way to win 1 month of FREE training!

Corporate Discounts and other incentives/offers-plus a way to win 1 month of FREE training!

I told you I was going to give you my personal training corporate discounts today, and I aim to please. Please note that these discounts only apply to local business owners AND their employees; as well as hospital employees and veterans or active military in the Charleston area. If your business would like to become an affiliate partner with DM FITNESS, you can lock in these special rates, and I will put your website and logo on this website (free to do).  If this is something that interests you-please contact me and we can set that up.

Without further ado-here are the heavily discounted rates:

3 times a week of Personal Training with me at Exemplar Fitness:  $299/month.  

Twice a week of PT with me: $219/month 

One time a week of PT with me would be $139/month 

**There is an additional charge to the gym for their fee which is $59/month, discounts are available through the gym if there at least 5 people from your company signing up-contact me with more information on that.**

There are no contracts with me or the gym.

You are always offered a complimentary session.

*If you are interested in group training please contact me and let me know as those prices are drastically different according to group size and how many times a week you would like to train. A corporate discount will still apply to your group if it applies.*

***If you are reading this and still haven’t voted for Best Personal Trainer, I would be honored to have your vote! Even if you don’t live in Charleston, you can still vote. ALSO-everyone that sends me a screenshot of their vote will be entered into a drawing to win 1 MONTH OF FREE TRAINING (winner picked at random). Click HERE to be taken directly to the voting screen. Scroll down to the category of “Best Personal Trainer” and there you will see “Demi Eliese Fitness”…click on “VOTE”, verify your email address and you are good to go! The screen shot should show the green “voted” button  next to my name to qualify.***

As always, feel free to ask me anything!

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I am thoroughly grateful to be nominated for this years VERY prestigious award of “Best Personal Trainer” in Charleston, SC! (vote for your favorites in all categories of Charleston: HERE) I, along with 4 other trainers will be competing for the number 1 spot, but as of now I’m officially in the top 5! All I need is a vote from you to seal the victory. Tell your friends!

You can be automatically directed to where you can vote for me by clicking HERE , and then scrolling down to “Best Personal Trainer.” There you will see my name in the very top; “Demi Eliese Fitness” (Eliese is my middle name), click on “VOTE“- verify your email address, and you’re good to go!

**Once you’ve verified your email address, you can just go to the following categories, click on vote, and you are done!** 

The gym that I do all of my personal training at has made it to the top 5 for “Best Health Club” as well. They are Exemplar Fitness and would very much appreciate a vote! Click HERE to be taken to their voting category, and scroll down to “Best Health Club.” Click on “VOTE”  right next to “Exemplar Fitness.”

The best and my favorite DJ made it to the top 5 and I HIGHLY encourage you to vote for him…his name is DJ Rehab! He is hands down one of the top wedding DJ’s in Charleston, he works SO hard, and kills it in the clubs and major events all around the country as well.   Click HERE to be directed to the entertainment category, and scroll down to “Best Club DJ.” There you will see “DJ REHAB“…click on “VOTE” and you’re done!

THANK you for supporting local artists and professionals in the Charleston area. It truly means the world to all of us and there isn’t enough thank you’s that I could say!

**Corporate Training discounts being announced tomorrow** Stay tuned OR contact me and I can tell you my super low rates for local business owners and their employees in the Charleston area.


Body weight training for results

Body weight training for results

As soon as you go into any store and see any kind of fitness magazine, the first thing you see is usually some buff dude in a gym holding a 100 pound dumbbell. So it’s no surprise that the majority of people think lifting weights is the ONLY way you can see results.

This is simply not true.

While weight training with with equipment is a VERY needed element for long term fitness…you can seriously tax your muscles, add some variety, see some great results and lose some unwanted lb’s with your own body weight.

To get the best results of body weight training, I recommend taking a group fitness class in a gym, or take a personal trainers boot-camp. Many boot-camps are equipment free since it would be very difficult to travel with gym equipment.  If you are in the Charleston area, I host boot-camps on Saturday mornings, and you can get more information by sending me a message via this website or keep tabs on my Facebook fitness page HERE.

To do proper body weight training-break up your body parts and THINK about how you would work them in a gym. Bench press? Push-ups. Back Squat? Air Squats. Lunges. Jump squats. Shoulders? Variations of plank movements. Tricep pushdowns? Dips off a bench or on the floor. You get the idea. Write down your workout-break it down into 5 moves, done for 1 minute, take a break. Repeat for the duration of your workout.(This is just an example, and actually how I usually structure my group workouts most of the time.)


  1. Free
  2. Versatile, many different variations
  3. Can be done anywhere
  4. Improves movement
  5. Improves relative strength
  6. Can improve reactive strength

The following are some of my favorite body weight moves that will definitely break a sweat and leave you sore!

  1. Push ups. There are SO many variations of a push up. Never under estimate the power of a push up. There is beauty in the simplicity of this move. You’re engaging your core. Your glutes are squeezed. Find that perfect plank with your hands directly beneath your shoulders (for a standard push up) and go to town. There are also tricep push ups, plyo push ups, wide push ups, side to side push ups, 1 hand push ups….the list goes ON. The muscles worked are core, shoulders, chest, and endurance because your heart rate will go up. As you can see, it’s one of my favorites because of all the variations.
  2. Squats. You can seriously work your legs and butt with no equipment. Think outside the box. Air squats, jump squats, side to side squats, pulse squats, plie squats, bulgarian split squats, sumo squats…etc. Not to mention the variety of lunges you can do to work your legs (alternating front lunges, plyometric lunges, reverse lunges, curtsy lunges) A five minute leg circuit could look something like this: *1 minute per move, than repeat 5 times depending on how long you want to train your legs*

A. Air squats

B. Jump Squats

C. Alternating front lunges

D. Jump Squats

E. Bulgarian Split Squats

*Just an example, or sub out some moves with some I mentioned above.*

3. Pull-ups

You never know what you can find at a public park! If you see a pull up bar-use it.

One of the biggest mass builders for the back, pull-ups are also one of the most versatile. They also work your shoulders and your accessory muscles such as the biceps.

How to Modify the Pull-up:

  • Varying grip element (towel, thick rope, offset grip)
  • Modifying linear movement; you can perform side to side movement, you can perform a leg lift or L-sit with each rep to also work your abs.
  • Overload the movement with a bookbag between your feet.
  • If you cant get your body above the bar-have a buddy hold your feet to give you an assist on the way up, than perform a negative i.e. very slowly come down from the bar with control. Yes; pull-ups are tough, but the only way to get better at them is to keep doing them. Over time you will be able to do them if you put in the work and stay consistent.

4. ABS!

Not much to say here…google some abdominal moves; there are so many to pick from and can be done EASILY with no equipment. Crunches, a multitude of plank variations, full sit ups, side planks, side plank pulses..this list goes ON!

Even though these moves and workouts can essentially be done for free: I must stress the importance of a trainer. There is a sequence that these workouts should be done to get you the best results, even with no equipment. Not to mention: teaching proper form.  There is a rhyme and reason for everything that we do as personal trainers. I encourage you to reach out to me and ask me anything. That’s why I’m here. 

In Health-Demi

Common questions I get asked all the time as a personal trainer

Common questions I get asked all the time as a personal trainer

Pic above is from the gym I train at, LOVE. Check out Exemplar Fitness HERE!

*The following are just a small sampling of what I get asked on a normal basis, I hope this helps you!*

  1. “What should I eat before I workout?”

-Depends on the time of the day and your personal preference. If you are working out in the morning first thing, some people don’t eat anything, and that’s ok because that is what works for them. Some NEED something whether it’s a cup of coffee or something more, but the general rule of thumb that I tell everyone is 45 min to an hour before have a half of a serving of a protein and half of a serving of a complex carbohydrate (long-lasting energy). Super easy and it will give you the fuel to get through your workout without feeling drained.

2.  “What should I eat after I workout?”

-Again this is also personal preference. General rule of thumb is to replenish your glycogen stores and fuel those muscles that you just worked,  and do it quickly. Nutritionists recommend  that  you eat a small snack of some protein and an easily digested carb within an hour of training.  Ideally your next full meal should be a couple of hours later. *Please note: many people misjudge the intensity of their workout and will overcompensate with food post workout. If you burned around 300 calories, you don’t want to be slamming down 600 calories post workout, and there is NO such thing as a “reward” meal for post workout and scarfing down a milkshake or something similar. Your workout and proper nutrition are your reward.

3.  “How often should I workout?”

-If you are just starting out:  your goal should be to workout 3 times a week for you to see results on a consistent basis. (This will and should change down the road) Resistance training should be done twice a week and the other day should be moderately intense cardio (again-dependent on your goals). How you set this up,  is up to you. You can mix it up, just remember that flexibility training is also important, so get that in there, and to never work the same muscle group two days in a row. If you are dependent on time, you can break up muscle groups for different days, so “having no time” is truly not an excuse whatsoever.

4.  “How do I get rid of arm fat? How do I get rid of a muffin top? How do I get rid of my cellulite?”

-Slow down, cowboy. I’ve mentioned in a previous post-you cannot spot reduce. What you can do is develop a workout regimen that you stick to as well as eating nutritiously for yourself and your goals. Those “problem areas” will eventually be taken care of-but it’s going to take consistency and a whole lot of patience. Remember the onion  theory. Your body is the onion; every day/week/month you stay consistent-a SLIVER of that onion comes off to reveal a better you. This is where patience comes into play. It’s worth waiting for, I promise.

Now if you’ve been patient and consistent-and you’ve lost the weight (good job!) and now you want to focus on certain muscles to “pop” you have to really push the weight training. This is where having a personal trainer is extremely helpful to assist you in muscle hypertrophy training (i.e. muscle growth) so we can see those beautiful muscles that show off the athlete that you are.

4.  “Why can’t I do just cardio? I don’t want to look like a man. (only applies if you are a woman, obvi).”

-Cardio has its place for building a strong heart and lungs and losing the lb’s to an extent. As far as caloric burn-THE SECOND you get off that stair stepper or treadmill or stop your jog-the calorie burn STOPS. But you still did burn calories and you still assisted in fat loss, so it’s still good. BUT! When you strength train-you will be burning calories 24/7-365, and that is why having more muscle on your body will give you much longer lasting results in keeping the weight off. Like I keep saying, it all depends on your goals. If a client walks in and she/he is 5″7 and weighs 110 lbs, I’m not going to have her do any cardio if only for a slight warmup. I would have this client focus more on weightlifting to build a solid physique (no ‘skinny fat’ allowed)  On flip side, if someone walked in and had a lot of lbs to lose, I would focus more on fast paced circuit training with moderate weights to burn a ton of calories. These training techniques vary with both types of clients, and again shows how important a personal trainer is. Variety is the spice of life and both types of clients need it.

On a side note: WOMEN! You will never look like a “man” (I use that term loosely because if you are in bodybuilding, then you will have a different goal that still takes a ton of hard work-so KUDOS to you if this is what you want). Unless you are doing something I don’t know about that involves some different supplementation-this type of look is just not going to happen. You simply do not have as much testosterone as a man for this to occur, so “getting bulky” WILL NOT HAPPEN. Just stop with this nonsense.  Lift heavy! This is how you get the sleek and athletic build that you will love about yourself.

Common questions I get asked all the time as a personal trainer

I will leave it at that, but if there are any other questions you would like me to cover please don’t hesitate to ask. I train in the Charleston area and if you are in need of a trainer, I would love to help you!

In Health-Demi



Most important element of your fitness journey is…

Most important element of your fitness journey is...


That’s right. It’s not nutrition, not your workout, or how much water you are drinking.

Although they all play an extremely important part of your health and fitness journey..SLEEP is your money maker.

Let me first preface this: If you are apart of the crowd that thinks “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”…don’t even bother reading. Your quality of life will suck, and when you’re dead-you are just dead. This is all about living a life full of health and vitality.

“Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.”

Well, seems pretty important I would say…just by reading that alone.

Think of it this way; take a triangle and flip it on it’s head. At the very top is SLEEP, next layer is HYDRATION, next layer underneath that is NUTRITION, and the itty bitty point of the bottom of that upside down triangle is…YOUR WORKOUT.

I know for many that can come as a surprise. I always tell my clients this and they are always surprised/shocked.

This is an example of an ideal day: You wake up refreshed because you got your 7-10 hours of sleep (everyone is different). Energy is already up and you feel ready to face the day with a pep in your step. Mentally-you have your goals and you are ready to demolish them. You hydrate throughout the day. You eat sensibly, because when you DON’T sleep well-your body releases the hormone ghrelin AKA the hunger hormone, causing you to be-you guessed it-hungry. The hunger is there not because you are actually hungry, but simply because you did not get enough sleep. This where overeating of the wrong types of food comes into play. When this hormone is secreted, your body wants energy in the form of sugar and starchy carbs to combat that lack of sleep. It’s a vicious cycle. Ironically, this is also the same hormone that is secreted when you get the “munchies” when you ingest marijuana. ‘Food’ for thought. (pun intended) 

Anyway-if you slept well, this hormone stays in check and is only released if you are truly hungry, but it’s very controllable and a normal part of your day. You will also be more motivated to work out and your performance WILL increase.

All of what I just mentioned…your ENTIRE day will be better and you will reach your goals faster if you get the proper sleep you need.

**That is exactly why SLEEP is the most important part of your fitness regimen. Your workout (if it’s an hour) is only 4% of your day. 2% for 30 minute workouts. Your recovery begins as soon as that workout is over and you are in your stretch/cooldown. Your recovery continues with your post workout nutrition and hydration and goes right into the NEXT night of sleep. During sleep is also where your muscles recover. When you are weightlifting for example: you are creating micro tears in your muscle fibers. This is the feeling that makes you “sore” the next day. Sleeping good, eating properly, and hydrating enough are what heals these micro tears and helps your muscles to become stronger for your next workout.   Stronger muscles will lead to more muscle mass and therefore less body-fat.**

Did you just hear what I just wrote above?! Read it again.

If you are wanting to maximize your fitness potential according to your goals, the recovery is where it’s at. When you recover with good sleep, hydration, and nutrition, you become STRONGER and more fit.

The understanding of this cycle is of the UTMOST importance for you to reach your goals and keep them for the long haul.

As always feel free to ask me anything. I train in the Charleston area and would love to pass this and much more information to you if you are in need of a personal trainer. 

In Health-Demi

Letter to the “Resolution” Gym Crowd

Letter to the "Resolution" Gym Crowd

(I do not usually blog twice in one day. But I saw the above post/pic that someone posted and it  was borderline rage inducing to me and I needed to say something)

Dear New People at the gym:

As we near February, it is statistically proven that you may be questioning your intentions about going to the gym as part of your New Years resolution. I want to talk to you directly, if I can; and tell you to NOT GIVE UP.

I know you are the victim of many online memes or careless judgmental remarks (like the one I posted here, seriously screw that person) about the “NYE Resolution” crowd at the gym. How “you will never last” or  “can’t wait for this fickle crowd to die out!”  I know it sucks to read them. On behalf of all of them…we are very sorry.

That is not my wish for you. My wish for you is to endure and persist. I want you to stay and to be the anti-statistic so you can see how strong you really are. Prove them wrong, but do it for yourself. I promise-you are very strong. Male, female…it doesn’t matter. If a NYE resolution is what brought you to the gym, I want you to stay.

No matter what your starting point was/is…there IS an inner athlete in you. Your body CRAVES to be healthy and strong. That feeling is addicting and I want you to feel that way. I want you to enjoy being sore! I want you to know what it feels like to be properly hydrated. I want you to sleep good knowing you gave it your all today and every day.

I want you to walk into the gym like a boss-and handle yourself with authority and dignity. Hold your head up high-and fight the good fight.

There are people who NEVER make the commitment that you are making. The fact that you are in a gym means that you are doing more than 80% of the population (that is fact). Take that in and embrace that. The hardest part is just showing up. So if you show up whether it’s for 10 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour; you are still doing more than most of your friends, co-workers, and your neighbors.

Stay persistent and consistent, my friend. You will get the results you want if you don’t give up. Don’t you dare succumb to the statistic and fade out. Push through-make this so important as if your life depends on it. Because it does!

I’m always here if you need a boost, a helping hand, or a word of motivation and encouragement. I just want you to see yourself the way I see you: Strong. Athletic. Powerful. Warrior. You have all of those qualities and then some.

Game face; ON.


In Health-Demi

“When will I see results?”

How long until you will see results

This is a question that I get asked ALL.THE.TIME.

And I get it. I was the girl who would workout, eat good, and get some good sleep, and I would weigh myself every single day! I would find myself very disappointed because sometimes my weight would go up, or there would be very minute changes. One thing you must know is:


(for the most part)

The scale is great to give yourself an overall glimpse of how your diet and workout are working for you BUT only as one simple tool, because it does not give you the whole picture of how you are progressing. That number does not represent how many pounds are fat and how many pounds are muscle are on your body at any given moment.


Body measurements are more trusting and can give me and you a more accurate glance of how you are moving along. It can give us a baseline for body fat percentage, where we can measure every 4 weeks to make sure we are progressing and moving in the right direction. Keep in mind even measurements can vary in ways that are “not desirable” at the moment because it can measure water retention as well as differences in your body composition that is very common in the beginning of a workout program. What matters most is that we keep a general baseline that includes a combination of the scale AND measurements every 4 weeks.

Most people will tell me that their clothes are fitting differently and are looser. THAT is what I am looking for. That tells me that you are not just losing body fat, but you are putting on muscle. I had a client in the past that over 3 months of solid training with me: lost ONLY 3/4 of a pound. Do you know how devastated she was?! THEN we got to measuring. Sure enough she lost 22 overall inches! Can you see now how much the scale is SO not the end all judge here? The scale is just a tool. This woman’s clothes were so loose on her! Those numbers tell me she put on muscle and boy did she get strong! When she saw how many inches she was down, her happiness could fill that gym times ten. She was happy and I was so proud of her.

So getting back to it: you know you can’t spot reduce. Think of yourself like an onion. Every day that you eat good, workout, and sleep good-a SLIVER of that onion comes off your entire body at once. It will take time to get to any problem areas. But it is doable! You just have to stay consistent.

Here’s JUST AN EXAMPLE of what can be typical as far as when you can see results. Of course everyone is different; so please keep that in mind. This represents someone who is watching their food intake and hydrating properly, working out most days of the week, and sleeping well in general every night.

  • Week one: Most people start to see some change in the scale (usually up to five pounds) during this week. You’re likely to feel better, but not see major changes in your body.
  • Week two: During week two you’re likely to start to see changes in the way your body looks and feels. Exercise starts to feel easier and your clothes will start to feel loose.
  • Week three: Week three is when you start to feel momentum in your weight loss journey. If you’ve been consistent in your plan, your body is responding well and you start to feel like the program is successful.
  • Week four: By week four it is very possible that you’ve lost enough weight (safely) to be a different clothing size.

Again, remember this is all very relative and different for everybody. I will be talking more about all of this in-depth in the coming weeks and really breaking it down so please stay tuned. Feel free to ask me any questions you would like me to cover in the comments or send me a message via the ‘contact me’ tab on this website.

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Power of the kettlebell swing-another glute and leg killer

Power of the kettlebell swing-another glute and leg killer

I know it seems like the easiest thing to do. You just swing the thing, right? Well, no. There are a lot of cues and mind to muscle connections you should be making because the 2 hand hold kettlebell swing is great for building explosive power, leg and glute strength, stamina, balance, and total body strength. When done correctly, it can be part of a great rehab program if you are recovering from injuries and cannot do a proper squat for whatever reason, or just a great addition to your fitness regimen in general. I LOVE them.

First thing to think about-pick the right weight. If you are new to the world of kettlebells, start light to perfect your form and work your way up a little at a time. I like to add about 50-100 heavy swings toward the end of my leg workouts as a burnout so to speak, as they gas my lungs and tax my muscles in a great way every time.

OK-so you have your kettlebell that you want to work with, great! Think of these physical cues first:

-kettlebell is on floor in front of you, you are standing up right behind it.

-with 2 hands; squat down; chest up eyes forward; grip the handles and stand straight up, squeezing your glutes and tightening your core while it hangs.

-with soft knees, shift your body weight into your heels-lower your rear end towards the back and do a forward fold AT YOUR HIPS with a straight back, like you are going into a deadlift.

-with THE POWER OF YOUR HIPS: EXPLODE with a hip SNAP until the momentum and power carries the KB forward in front of you and repeat. The kettlebell should stop at around eye level as the kettlebell is just coming along for the ride…repeat and go into swing city and keep that core tight while squeezing your glutes at the top of the movement every swing.

Sounds easy right? Well with practice you will find that it doesn’t get easier, your technique gets better.

Common mistakes:

-You use your arms to assist the kettlebell coming forward with your hip snap. WRONG. Your arms are there as just an assist in holding it-nothing more. When the kettlebell is in the air in front of you: THINK OF IT AS BEING WEIGHTLESS. There is a second in the movement when it weighs absolutely nothing, because it is being powered through the air with the power of your hipsnap and your glutes. This is why it is so effective in so many ways.

-Hunched back: you are just asking for an  injury. If it is difficult for you to keep a straight back when you go into your forward hinge and going through your hip snap: you probably need to lighten the load.

Performing the perfect kettlebell swing places all the emphasis on the posterior chain—the major muscles on the backside of the body from the heels to the base of the neck, primarily the hamstrings, glutes, and low back. Think of the posterior chain as the body’s powerhouse. These muscles are big movers. And unlike little movers (like calves, biceps, triceps, and deltoids), the big movers are capable of moving big weight and burning massive amounts of calories. Win win all around and a great addition to your workout regimen!

Yes, I know there are many different types of swings, but this is the one I like to do, and is also the swing I train my clients to do for fitness.

As with everything, if you are at a gym and need more advice, don’t be afraid to ask a trainer for tips. Watch some videos online and practice, practice, practice. Always start light! Soon you’ll be a kettlebell swinging pro with great legs and glutes to prove it.

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Fail to plan…plan to fail.

fail to plan...plan to fail

Yeah, I know-not the most positive title for a blog post. But I promise this is actually something to simply help you out in the gym.

When you go to the gym: do you plan your workout? Or do you blindly walk about seeing what looks like something you could do, while looking absolutely clueless?

I was part of the second question for many years, so if that’s you-you are not alone!

I want to tell you how to get over this, because this is very important. This is also going to stress why personal trainers are very important.

You need to get over yourself. If you walk in and you don’t know how to use a machine…ASK SOMEONE. Ask a staff member or a personal trainer you may see around you. You will be shocked at how willing they are to show you because you know; that is their job and everything. What could help you even more is when you first sign up for that gym and they give you that initial tour (they allllllll do), slow them down and ask them about EVERY SINGLE MACHINE and how to do it, how to work it, how to load it with weight, what muscles they work, etc.


Come up with some sort of plan. Of course if you hired a trainer, this is part of their job so you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

You will need to come up with some sort of split workout to do throughout the week where you can hit each muscle group every week you are in the gym. You cannot do total body every day. You need to give your muscles time to recover and grow-because that is the time they get stronger for your next workout.

Examples can look like this: Monday: Chest and Back, Tuesday: Legs, Wednesday: Shoulders and Arms: Thursday: Cardio, Friday: REST, Saturday: Light Total Body with core, Sunday: Rest or Cardio. Like I said that is an EXAMPLE. Everyone’s schedule will be different according to your goals that either you can figure out on your own, or again just hire someone to do it for you and just show up.

NEXT STEP. You thought I was done? No.


For example: If you are doing legs-write down which machines or dumbbell movements you will be doing followed by the number of sets and reps. Then when you are doing the workout in the gym, WRITE DOWN the weight you are using so when you do the same workout in the future or using the same machine…you can make sure you increase your weight so you CAN PROGRESS in your fitness journey. Again-this only applies if you are going about this on your own. You will have to basically keep a journal.

This is how you can be successful when it comes to working out at a gym or in your home gym if that is your choice. You gotta write it down. How can you know what you did if you didn’t write it down so you can push yourself further next time you do it?

Write it all down. Plan. Execute. 

Or hire a trainer and forget everything I just wrote.

Same thing applies to food…but that is a whole different post for a different day.

Any questions, comments, feel free to post or go to the “contact me” tab and send me your message.

In Health-Demi

Small things always lead to big results

lushfabglam the importance of water and staying hydrated.png

The first thing I ALWAYS talk to my clients about is “how much water are you drinking?” No joke it’s within 5 minutes of our first meeting. Usual responses:

“Well when I’m thirsty I’ll have a glass”

“Does soda count?”

“Juice? I need flavor”

It goes on. I’ve heard it all.

I cannot stress the importance of how important being hydrated is. If you do this ONE SIMPLE TASK (of staying hydrated with good quality H2O) EVERYDAY-you will see results!

You will sleep better. You won’t over eat as much. You will feel clear of mind. You will have more energy. Your joints won’t hurt as much. You’ll probably lose some weight without even changing your eating habits and not working out. You will just flat-out FEEL GOOD.

So, how much water should you be drinking?


Maybe more if you are sweating a ton. As the old saying goes: “If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.”

There are some add ons to this simple change you can make in your life today that can yield you results:

No empty calories.

That means: no juices, no sodas (no sparkling stuff either).  Stay away from “sugar-free anything, because you may as well see “chemical shit storm” on the label. Your body hates that stuff.

Also, black coffee is ok! Be careful with creamer (dairy to be specific). Your body does not handle caffeine and dairy too well causing an insulin spike from hell and therefore causing you to be very hungry for starchy food a couple of hours later. If you MUST have creamer: find some solace in almond or coconut milk creamer. It’s actually quite tasty!

To make this water consumption easy-you don’t have to be that person that carries a gallon jug with you all throughout the day. I mean you can if you want. For myself I like to keep a 20 oz bottle with me at all times. I aim for at least 60 oz’s of water per day, so in reality I just need to drink 3 of those, and it’s mentally super easy to get that done. If you absolutely must have flavor: fear not! Try adding fresh lemon (aids in digestion when you do this as well, and is overall very good for you). Also, the night before: you can add in some of your favorites fruits so soak in your water overnight, then strain them out in the morning, and pack the fruit for snacks throughout the day. Your water will taste delicious without all the extra calories and the negative effects of soda.

Your body loves water. I can’t stress that enough. Especially if you are working out. You will sweat more (which is a GREAT thing), aids in overall detox, your skin will look incredible, and your performance in the gym will increase and that means better results for you.

Little things..over time=results. Cut out the empty calories. Drink the water. And just see what happens. 🙂

In Health-Demi