Online Fitness Products/Supplements

My number one priority is always personal training here in Charleston, SC.

However, there are instances where clients would like me to help them out in their health and fitness journey and they don’t live in my city.  Of course I am going to help them as best I can, because that’s just what I love to do. 😉

I am a Personal Trainer, and I am also a Beachbody Fitness Coach.

If you are somebody who would prefer to workout at home and you have access to gym equipment, you can totally get results using at home fitness programs that Beachbody has to offer. If you do purchase a fitness program through me, I automatically become your virtual coach, and I am there for you to make sure you succeed with unwavering accountability.

Plus-no matter where you live-I will ALWAYS recommend Shakeology. If you work out with me or I train you online, Shakeology WILL help you-bottom line, end of story.  Click on the Shakeology tab from the home page to learn more about this amazing supplement that can take over all supplements in your fitness arsenal, it’s THAT good.

Being a personal trainer means many things to me and I can help you in either way that works for you. What’s most important is that YOU SUCCEED. I can also offer virtual training without any Beachbody products (send me a message to inquire about that if you would like) or with Shakeology…however you want to do it, we can make it work for you, regardless of where you live.

CLICK HERE to check out the supplements through Beachbody. Also, take a gander at the at home fitness programs if you don’t live in Charleston and would prefer to workout at home.  Just click on “shop” and please let me know if you have any questions!

In Health-Demi