The Healthiest Meal of the Day, Period!

If ANY client asks me what can they add to their nutrition regimen to excel their efforts on their health and fitness journey-its always the same answer; Shakeology. I used it to help me lose 60 pounds 3 times in my life and I still use it to help me feel good every day because it’s jam packed with things that my body just loves. There are also Vegan formulas available (all plant based) completely natural and it’s truly worth every cent. Read further to see why it’s so amazing!

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Why Drink Shakeology Every Day? It can help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce junk food cravings
  • Provide healthy energy
  • Support your digestion and regularity.

It’s the simple recipe for success:

  • You won’t feel deprived, because every delicious shake tastes like a sinful treat.
  • The proteins, fiber, and healthy fats will help you feel fuller longer, so you’re less likely to snack.
  • Your body feels nourished to help reduce cravings for junk food.
  • Having healthy energy helps you power through your workouts.

Fight Junk Food Cravings

What better way to take the sting out of your craving for sugary snacks and junk foods, than with a sumptuously delicious shake that feeds your body the nutrients it really craves?

This sumptuously delicious supplement shake takes the sting out of your sugary cravings.

How Shakeology short-circuits your urge to snack:

  • Protein-rich nutrient-dense formula helps you feel full and reduces the tendency to “cheat” throughout the day.
  • Helps you curb junk food cravings while helping you crave healthier choices.
  • You’re feeding your body the nutrients it needs, so it feels more satisfied.
  • So delicious, it tastes like you’re cheating!

Feel New Energy!

Drinking Shakeology every day can support your energy levels. Just ask all of our customers who used their new found energy to take on—and succeed—at a new fitness program!

What more can you do with a little extra daily energy?

  • Power through your day, and cross more off your to-do list.
  • Get your fitness program off to a great new start.
  • Help your body work efficiently.
  • Enjoy life . . . and get more out of every single moment!

Helps Support Digestion and Regularity

When you drink Shakeology, you can experience the benefits from the inside out. Shakeology’s proprietary digestive blend helps support your body so it can function efficiently.

How Shakeology helps support your health from the inside out:

  • Fiber and probiotics help support regularity so you can eliminate waste naturally from your digestive system.
  • Proprietary blend of prebiotics, fiber, and probiotics help support a healthy intestinal tract.
  • Digestive enzymes also help your body to support the absorption of nutrients.

Packed with globally sourced superfood ingredients

  • Proteins and fiber – to help reduce hunger and food cravings.
  • Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals – to help fight free radical damage and help support a healthy immune system
  • Adaptogen Herbs – traditionally used to help the body adapt and respond to the effects of stress
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes – to help nutrient absorption and support regularity and healthy digestion

• Build and repair muscles.
• Support healthy blood sugar levels (as measured by HbA1C).
• Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Support your body and your cells.

  • Provide the body with vitamins and minerals
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Help fight free radical damage

Adaptogens have been around for centuries

• Adaptogens have been used in Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times to help the body adapt and respond to the effects of stress
• Centuries of traditional medicine believed adaptogens helped support physical and mental wellbeing

Helps gently eliminate waste from your digestive system

  • Support healthy digestion
  • Support regularity
  • Support nutrient absorption

As always-Feel free to ask me anything!