My Personalized Plan For You

I take deep pride in giving every client the absolute most customized training in the fitness industry today.   Every client has different goals, so every person is trained differently.  I can be tough when I need to be, and we will also change up the pace and intensity when needed. Your success is my success. Period.

My Modeling Career

I’ve been very fortunate to be featured in many publications and fitness related model opportunities in the last 12 years.    It all began when I was a featured success story with P90X as a stay at home mom. From there I could not believe the opportunities that were offered to me-I’ve been VERY blessed and I’m beyond thankful for the magazines that put me on their covers and editorials. I’ve been featured numerous times in Charleston’s local fitness magazine “Oblique Magazine” as well as nationally published magazine such as South Magazine and Muscle and Body magazine. Fitness can absolutely be FUN and this was an outlet for me that was an absolute blast and I got to meet some really amazing people!

Personalized Workout Plans

I personalize all workouts to YOU! Your workout plan will never be the same as anothers, and comes with clear instruction and most of all; a results oriented plan of attack.